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Inglés parte 2 32 plazas de Policía Local Ayuntamiento de Leganés 2022

Inglés parte 2 32 plazas de Policía Local Ayuntamiento de Leganés 2022

La máxima puntuación de este test son 10 puntos

Por cada pregunta fallada se le va restando 0.33 puntos a la nota final

Cada pregunta acertada equivale a 1 punto

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1 - That poor dog, ______ owner is on holiday, is barking all day long.
a) Who’s.
b) That his.
c) Whose.

2 - The kitchen is a complete mess, Ian! I won’t ______ your favourite meal unless you ______ it now.
a) To prepare / clean.
b) Prepare / clean.
c) Prepare / don’t clean.

3 - I really enjoyed the movie more than I expected. _______, I still prefer the book.
a) However.
b) In addition.
c) Therefore.

4 - If we want justice to be done we _______ the police what we saw the other night.
a) Have to tell to.
b) Must tell to.
c) Must tell.

5 - Can we speak tomorrow morning? I have ______ important to say to you.
a) Something.
b) Everything.
c) Anything.

6 - Before ______ a new car, take into account that there are _______ differences between gasoline and diesel cars.
a) Buy / many.
b) Buying / several.
c) You buy / much.

7 - Can we go to a Japanese restaurant today? I haven’t eaten sushi _______:
a) Since two months.
b) For a long time.
c) A year ago.

8 - Thirty years ago nobody had a mobile phone, but _______ it’s in everyone’s pocket and we can’t live ______ it.
a) Today / without.
b) Actually / without.
c) These days / with.

9 - In one hundred years, _______ robots that will carry out all the housework for us.
a) They will be.
b) Are going to be.
c) There will be.

10 - I’m afraid I can’t afford to travel abroad this winter. I have ______money left in my bank account.
a) Very few.
b) Very little.
c) Very much.

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