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Inglés parte 1 32 plazas de Policía Local Ayuntamiento de Leganés 2022

Inglés parte 1 32 plazas de Policía Local Ayuntamiento de Leganés 2022

La máxima puntuación de este test son 10 puntos

Por cada pregunta fallada se le va restando 0.33 puntos a la nota final

Cada pregunta acertada equivale a 1 punto

Cada pregunta no contestada equivale a 0 puntos

1 - As soon as I ______ the office, I realized that I ______ my laptop at home.
a) Arrived in / forgot.
b) Arrived at / had forgotten.
c) Had arrived to / forgot.

2 - A: “Have you seen Anna these days? It’s been very long since the last time I saw her” B: “No, I haven’t seen her recently _____ “:
a) Too.
b) Either.
c) Neither.

3 - I have lived in Norway for seven years now. However, I think I will never _______ in such a cold country.
a) Get used to living.
b) Get used to live.
c) Be used to live.

4 - John _______ a much better job if he had worked harder as a student.
a) Will get.
b) Would got.
c) Would have got.

5 - Erika is a very ______ girl. She always avoids ______ in public.
a) Outgoing / speak.
b) Shy / speaking.
c) Quiet / to speak.

6 - In spite of _______ a headache, I had a great time at the party.
a) Having.
b) I had.
c) That I had.

7 - The nanny _______ the children until their parents arrived home from work.
a) Took up for.
b) Took care of.
c) Looked after of.

8 - The film The Birds ______ by Alfred Hitchcock ______ 1963.
a) Was directed / in.
b) Directed / in.
c) Was directed / on.

9 - Alice and Dan don’t talk to ______ very often since they broke up three years ago.
a) Themselves.
b) Each other.
c) Them.

10 - My daughter’s room is _______ she can’t find the toy she’s looking for.
a) Such untidy that.
b) So untidy than.
c) So untidy that.

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