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Tipo A Inglés Policía Local Ayuntamiento de Madrid 2020

Tipo A Inglés Policía Local Ayuntamiento de Madrid 2020

La máxima puntuación de este test son 10 puntos

Por cada pregunta fallada se le va restando 0.33 puntos a la nota final

Cada pregunta acertada equivale a 1 punto

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1 - Keep an eye on your luggage in the Metro ______ all times.
a) At.
b) In.
c) ---.

2 - Your car can’t go ______ Madrid 360. Its emissions are excessive.
a) Behind.
b) Through.
c) Beyond.

3 - Drivers must check their headlights before ______ at night.
a) Drive.
b) To drive.
c) Driving.

4 - If your mobile phone disappears, you should contact the ______ department.
a) Lost and Found.
b) Lost Objects.
c) Missing Objects.

5 - Streets in Madrid have ______ different speed limit depending on their lanes.
a) The.
b) A.
c) ---.

6 - My neighbours make a lot of noise ______ night, every night.
a) At.
b) In.
c) Of.

7 - Citizens ______ go to the town council to do their paperwork.
a) Needn’t to.
b) Never need to.
c) Don’t need to.

8 - ______ you see vandalised traffic sign, you can report it on 010.
a) Although.
b) If.
c) Whether.

9 - In the streets, all dogs ______ be walked with a leash.
a) Have to.
b) Must.
c) Should.

10 - Parks in Madrid open ______ 7.30 to 22.30 most part of the year.
a) At the.
b) From.
c) Since.

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