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Prueba de Inglés parte 1 Agentes de Policía Local Ayuntamiento de Villanueva de la Cañada 2022

Prueba de Inglés parte 1 Agentes de Policía Local Ayuntamiento de Villanueva de la Cañada 2022

La máxima puntuación de este test son 10 puntos

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1 - Did you know that _______ in the world is the Antartic blue whale?
a) The animal biggest.
b) The biggest animal.
c) The most biggest animal.

2 - There are _______ reasons why you should follow your parents’ advice.
a) A lot of.
b) Much.
c) Very.

3 - Our manager is _______ France and she _______ English very fluently.
a) Of / doesn’t speaks.
b) For / don’t speaks.
c) From / doesn’t speak.

4 - Robert worked as _______ in Madrid until he retired in 2020.
a) A police.
b) A policemen.
c) A policeman.

5 - My sister and her boyfriend say that they _______ as soon as they settle down in the new city.
a) Will have a baby.
b) Will to have a baby.
c) Will a baby.

6 - I have no idea how Mary knows about her birthday present. I promise I _______ a word to her.
a) Said.
b) Didn’t said.
c) Didn’t say.

7 - Nobody could expect Jenn’s accident. She is a very ________ driver.
a) Careful.
b) Carefully.
c) Carefull.

8 - Yesterday, I saw Kevin walking ______ dog in the park. ______ told ______ that he is teleworking for a Swedish company now.
a) Him / he / my.
b) His / he / me.
c) His / I / me.

9 - Can you tell me _______ people live in Edinburgh?
a) How much.
b) How long.
c) How many.

10 - _______, young people can’t live without their phones and social networks.
a) Actually.
b) Nowadays.
c) That days.

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